Yasir Qadhi Polemics - Zaynab Bint Jaḥsh

Yasir Qadhi claims that Allāh's statement in Noble Qur’ān 33:37 shows that what the Prophet Muḥammad, Allāh's praise and peace be upon him, was hiding in his heart was his love for Zaynab Bint Jaḥsh. Yasir Qadhi uses certain Ḥadīth to prove his claim.  In Aug. 2008 YQ rejected the Ḥadīth altogether and condemns orientalists who use it; In Oct. 2013 YQ validates the Ḥadīth; Finally, in Apr. 2019 YQ accepts the Ḥadīth as the "prototype" and accuses Muslims scholars of "sanitization."  Download PowerPoint PDF below.

  • YQ_Refutation_Zainab_Bint_Jahsh_PPT - pdf